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beeco arrives at cop28

In a world where innovation and sustainability intertwine to weave the future of agriculture, Beeco stands as a beacon of hope and progress. we are honored to bring our vision and mission to cop28, a global stage where ideas are transformed into concrete actions for a greener tomorrow.

what is it?

cop28, is the conference of the parties to the united nations framework convention on climate change, is a global summit that brings together world leaders, environmental experts and activists to discuss and develop concrete strategies against climate change.

the things that matter


innovation hub


global agenda


political commitment

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progress monitoring

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progress monitoring

what will we do at cop28

13 days commitment: active participation for the entire duration of cop28, contributing to discussions and decision-making processes for thirteen days


organization and speaker at official events: organize and contribute to official events, to share insights and influence climate policy


participation in bilateral meetings: we will participate in direct dialogues to foster mutual understanding and forge strategic alliances

discovery and networking: explore new ideas and form connections that catalyze collaborative innovation for a sustainable future

come partecipare

per partecipare, invia la tua candidatura compilando il form sottostante entro il 20/03/2024.

unisciti a noi nella sfida di rendere il nostro settore più sostenibile, efficiente e all'avanguardia tecnologica!

per informazioni puoi contattare:

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